A Compass for Frisco.

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JP spent his childhood in Naperville, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, which shares something in common with Frisco. It was once named Money magazine's best place to live and raise a family.  JP balanced life as a teenager while attending high school, serving in the priesthood at his church, being active in athletics, and obtaining his Eagle Scout award from the Boy Scouts of America.


He put college aside for two years to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in South Carolina.

After returning home from his mission, he graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Communication from Weber State University and spent the next five years intimately getting to know the ins and outs of local and state government as a radio news anchor and reporter in Wyoming and Indiana. 

While a reporter, JP had a chance to foster relationships of cooperation and trust with local city council men and women, county commissioners, and state legislators--learning about what it takes to be a productive servant of the people. 

Fast forward to today, where he now chooses to live in Frisco, to be around family and enjoy the high-quality of life Frisco offers. He continues to serve the public in his professional career spanning Dallas and the entire county, as a Reporter and Anchor for WBAP 820AM and a Flight Dispatcher for American Eagle--ensuring that your flight gets to where it's going as safely and efficiently as possible.

He strives to follow the 5 P's: Prior Preparation Prevents Poor Performance and looks forward to applying these principles in service to the city of Frisco, as he desires to guide the city as it transitions from rapid growth to enhancing and supporting current infrastructure. 

Throughout his career, he's been active in volunteering at nursing homes, fire stations, hospitals, along with parks and libraries. Now in 2021 and beyond, he looks forward to being your advocate, representing Frisco City Council Place 1.


An Advocate for my Neighbor

My mission as your city councilman is to be a servant and your advocate to work hand-in-hand to improve the quality of life and opportunities within Frisco. It's about putting my words into actions and making the time for what matters most to ensure that you as a resident have amenities that enrich, safety and peace of mind that protect, and a sense of community that makes you feel at home. We've done a lot within the walls of the city to be good, now let's take it a step further to be great!

Elect me, JP, to Frisco City Council Place 1 seat.